June 19-30 Cohort

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This is your hub for the June 19 - June 30, 2023 Cohort. Find links to join our scheduled roundtable calls and recordings from past sessions here.

Cohort Sessions

To register for this cohort or view the full schedule, fill out the form on our Let's Get Started Page.


Please make sure you identify the following roles internally and ask these people to attend the relevant sessions.

⭐ Champion - Your executive champion for Thread

🦄 Service Manager - Your service org leader(s)

🐕 Service Tech - Your service techs

👩‍💻 Internal Admin - Your Thread, PSA and Teams/Slack admin

📣 Communications Lead - Your comms lead, who will communicate with your customers about Thread

🚀 Deployment Lead - Your deployment lead, who will deploy Thread to your customers, e.g. Teams, Slack, Desktop, etc.


  1. Click here to follow our quick setup and set up your Thread workspace ahead of the first session.
  2. For each of the sessions listed below, use the add to calendar links to add the webinars to your calendar.
  3. If you can't make an event, no worries, you are registered for the cohort so you will receive all the recordings after each session. You can then catch up with the cohort at a time that works best for you.
  4. Want to start the sessions early? Each session below includes a link to a recap of a previous session, with a full recording and all the tasks covered on the session.

Week 1

Thread Training 1 - Getting Started
Thread Partner Roundtable + Q&A
Thread Training 2 - Let's chat about chat!


Week 2

Thread Training 3 - Customer Deployment Training
Thread Partner Roundtable + Q&A
Thread Training 4 - Service Collaboration Training

Week 3+

Still have questions? Register for another cohort or sign up for upcoming Q&A Sessions.

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