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How to Configure and Customize Magic Recap

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Thread's Magic AI allows you to generate recaps of what happened in a thread and customize the output by choosing a template, editing it, or writing your own. Follow the steps below to configure and customize Magic Recap to suit your needs.

Steps to Configure and Customize Magic Recap

  1. Login to Thread Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Magic AIRecap.
  3. Choose a Template by selecting a pre-built template from the "Use template" dropdown. By default, the Default template is chosen.
  4. Customize a Template by editing the Recap rules or write your own custom template.
  5. Test the Recap Rules by using the Test recap widget on the right to generate a recap from an existing Thread. Magic AI will automatically create a recap of the thread for you to further customize.
  6. Keep iterating and adding or removing recap rules as needed to refine the output.
  7. Click Save once you are satisfied with the results.
  8. Go into any thread in Inbox and run the slash command /magicGenerate recap or click ActionsMagic → Generate recap.
  9. The Magic Recap will be based on the recap rules you configured above.

Setting Up Auto-Recap with a Flow Template

To automatically summarize threads upon escalation (as an example), you can use a pre-built flow template. Click the link below to navigate to the template and set it up:

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