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How to Set Up an On-Call Member to Be Assigned

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Set Up in ConnectWise

  1. Log in to ConnectWise PSA and go to System -> Setup Tables
  2. Search for Service Board
  3. Select the board you want
  4. Scroll to Ticket Notes and Notification Options
  5. In "Workflow Notification Override: Override members set at the company level for this board." section
    1. Select On-Call person

Configure in Inbox

  • To assign the on-call person in a thread,
    • open the tread and select "Assign on-call member" in the assign dropdown or type /assign in the reply box to select it there.

  • To auto assign the on-call person in a flow:
    • Go to the flow you want to edit, by clicking on the 3 dots next to the channel -> edit flow or by switching to the Admin panel and clicking on the tab "Flows"
    • In the flow, click the +action button
    • Click on the Assign tab and select "Assign on-call member"
    • Save your flow

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