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How to Track Your Time in Inbox

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Why are time entries important?

One of the main advantages of having a time entry policy is that it helps ensure accurate time tracking. This can help you better understand multiple levels of how your Support Center is operating. What is most important, though, is it will allow you to better allocate your labor to the clients that need it most and recognize when more labor is needed.

Tracking time in inbox

You can start tracking your time by clicking on the "play" button on the right side of your chat window.

Pause the timer by clicking again on play button. By clicking "View Entries", where you can see all submitted time entries and you have the ability to edit them.

What is Co-Pilot?

Copilot is an AI supported tool powered by OpenAi's GPT-3, that will help you to summarize performed actions within a ticket in a few sentences. Tap on 🔄 button to generate a short summary with AI's help.

You will definitely notice Copilot's incredible help while working on tickets that take hours or days to resolve.By default, the timer will start when you reply in a chat. To change this, go to the name dropdown and click Preferences.

Turn "Start timer on reply" off and save your changes.

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