How to Setup a CSAT Survey

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Most PSA-native or integrated CSAT survey solutions provide URLs that are unique to your company, and each will tie to a Positive, Neutral or Negative response.

Here is an example of a positive SmileBack survey:

The /123456/ in the above example should tie to the ID of the request in your PSA.

With snippets, Thread gives you the ability to place the ID you need in-URL on demand.

Use the {Ticket ID} variable in your snippet to ensure each rating is tied to the right request. When the user clicks on the hyperlink for any of the 3 options, it takes them to the correct SmileBack survey page and then they're off and running.

Here is an example that Thread uses every day:

Choose from the options below to rate your service experience:

  1. [Service magic ✨]({Ticket ID}/1)
  2. [Good service 😃]({Ticket ID}/0)
  3. ["I'm not mad; just disappointed" ☹️]({Ticket ID}/-1)

And here is the output presented to the user in-thread:

To setup your own CSAT Survey snippet, you must first get the unique URL for your company from your CSAT provider:

To get the unique URL for your company and create the snippet, you will need to:

  1. Navigate to your CSAT module (SmileBack, SimpleSAT, AutoTask, etc)
  2. Grab your unique URLs
  3. Create a new snippet
    1. navigate to inbox
    2. click your account name in the bottom left corner
    3. click snippets
    4. click the "+ New Snippet" button
    5. Plug them in to a snippet:
    6. Customize the language as you wish
  4. Enjoy higher response rates from happier customers by surfacing your survey immediately after the session.

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