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Design a Custom Teams App for Your Customers

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Create a white-labeled Teams app for your customers

From the Admin Panel, you have the ability to create a branded Teams experience that you can deploy to your customers. Best of all, you can create multiple different apps with different brandings, if you have customers that prefer their own branding in their Teams app.

To access the Teams App Builder:

  1. Navigate to your Thread Admin Panel
  2. Click on Messenger in the left navigation bar
  3. Navigate to the Teams Apps tab at the top-center of your browser window
  4. Click Create New if you wish to create a new custom Teams App, or Edit or Duplicate an existing app
  5. If you clicked Create New on the previous screen, you will be brought to the Teams App Builder.
    1. Please follow these guidelines for the App icons here
  6. Now you can customize your app, the entire experience is brandable and customizable.
    When naming your App, we recommend a name that can be recognized by your customers' users for the type of service you provide, e.g IT Support.
The customizable Teams app embeds a version of Messenger on the right for your customers to open chats with your team. This inherits the Messenger branding settings you set at the parent level, or if you are overriding these settings at the customer level, it will inherit those settings for that Customer.

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