Setting up Service Bot in your client's Slack Workspace

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Go to the Chatgenie admin (

-> Clients -> search for the customer you want to deploy the app to.

When you click into the client detail, there's a tab with Teams/Slack connect

There are 2 ways to deploy the Slack app to your customer.

  • Inviting the admin of your client via email
  • Using the link to install the app for your client

Inviting the admin of your client via email

Select the contact that has admin access to Teams in the dropdown. Start typing their name to see it.

This person will get an email to link their chat.

The receiver of the email will need to follow the same steps as outlined below, with the exception of copying the link.

Copy the link and paste it in a new browser session, where you are logged into that Slack account.

This will give you the option to connect with Teams or Slack, choose the Slack option.

Make sure this is the correct workspace and click Allow.

This should install the bot in the Slack workspace. If the app does not show in the list of apps, go to Add app and search for Chatgenie to add it manually.

Here your client can create new tickets and chat.

Important: You have the ability to choose to whom you want to deploy the Slack Service Bot. After the integration is done, go back to the admin panel and select "Selected users". Please note to then roll out to everyone, you have to select "All Users" and hit save.

Pilot Rollouts

Some times you may want to roll out only to the IT Admins or power users in the company to get approval for a larger rollout. For this, after the customer accepts the invite, refresh your admin panel and go back to the customer. You will now see that is successfully Connected. Below you can press "Selected Users" and select the users you want to greet. Once you have approval to roll out to everyone, come back here and press "All Users".

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