How to enable Chat and Timepad insights in Autotask

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Now you can bring the power of Thread directly into Autotask, experience all the great features Inbox has to offer including real-time chat, automated time entries, snippets, @mentions and more!

Best of all, it is super easy to setup. This guide will show you how.

Adding the Insights to your Service Ticket Categories in Autotask

  1. Make Layout adjustments in order to make Insights visible. Go to: Admin → Features & Settings → Service Desk (Tickets) → Ticket Categories → Edit (category) → Insights:

  2. Thread insights should be in “Hidden Insights” section. Drag them and drops into “Visible insights” section:
  3. That’s it! You should now see the insights in the Ticket screen


If you have tried to steps above and are having trouble, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Confirming Prerequisites

  1. First, check to make sure the Autotask API user for Thread has the correct API Tracking Identifier.
    1. From Autotask, Navigate to Admin -> Account Settings & Users -> Resources/Users (HR) -> Resources/Users -> Find the Thread API user you created when setting up your Thread Integration -> Edit -> Verify the API Tracking Identifier is set to Integration Vendor: Thread - Messaging
    2. If you are one of our first Autotask partners, then the API Tracking Identifier may be set to custom. In order for the insights to work, we need an API member that is tied to our tracking identifier.
      1. To fix this, you will need to set up a new API user for your Thread workspace. Follow step 4: Create the API User from our document, How to setup the Autotask Ticketing Integration.
      2. Once the API user is created, navigate to your Thread Admin Panel -> Integrations -> Autotask.
      3. Enter the username and secret key you generated when creating the new API user.
  2. Next, you must enable access to Insights for your Thread API member in Autotask.
    1. From Autotask, Navigate to Admin → Extensions & Integrations → Other Extensions & Tools → Integration Center → Thread - Messaging (Edit) → Vendor Insights → Enable Integration Vendor Ticket Insights
    2. Check Active under General
    3. Check Enable Integration Vendor Ticket Insights

Step 2: Request Insights

Thread's Insights for Autotask is still in Preview. While in preview, you will need to send our Help Desk a request to enable the insights for your Autotask environment. Later, we will be adding the ability to turn this on inside Thread.
  1. Send a request to or chat with us at titled "Request for access to Insights in Autotask"
  2. A collaboration desk engineer will enable this feature in your Autotask environment.

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