How to Enable Magic Categorization

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Magic Categorization is Thread's Magic AI feature deisgned to assin an incoming thread's type, sub-type, and item based on conditions that you set in the Thread admin panel.

To magically categorize incoming threads, you must:

  1. Set up Magic Categorization prompts
  2. Configure a flow to automatically categorize incoming threads

1. Set up Auto-Categorization

First, you need to setup prompts to train Magic on how to categorize your incoming threads. We will import the boards/queues from your PSA and each type, sub-type, and item on each board/queue

  1. Navigate to the admin panel > Magic
  2. Select "Get Started"
  3. First you will be presented with all of your boards/queues, with a dropdown containing all of the types on that board/queue
  4. For each type on each board, you can add a description that describes what type of thread would be assigned that type. AI will then use the prompt given along with the information from the thread to automatically assign the sub-type and item if applicable. If you wish for Magic to not automatically assign certain types, you can click the "ignore" checkbox at the end of the type.
    You must fill in at least one description for one type in order to move to the next step
  5. Once you are finished, you can click next and it will save all the descriptions you have entered
  6. To edit any descriptions, you can hit the edit button at the top right corner of the page
  7. Great! Now you just need to implement it in one of your flows.
Use the window on the right to test out example thread summaries live! Try pasting in real thread summaries to see how it does and refine your prompts from there.

2. Configure a flow to Automatically Categorize incoming threads

  1. Navigate to the Thread Admin Panel -> Templates -> Auto Categorization, or click here.
  2. Apply filters that will match to your incoming threads. For example, you can set the filter to your incoming service board(s) to match on all incoming service requests.
  3. There is no need to set an Inbox Channel or Slack/Teams integration. We only want this flow to auto categorize incoming service requests.
  4. This template already has an action added for Auto Categorize, but if you are following along from Flow builder you can add an action by scrolling to the bottom of the flow builder, and clicking + -> Actions -> Magic -> Auto-Prioritize
  5. Save the changes to the flow and test out a new service request!

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