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Can I Get a Custom Teams or Slack Support App?

Stephen Boss Updated by Stephen Boss

Yes, you can get custom Teams and Slack support apps to deploy to your customers. Read on for more details on each platform.

Customized Customer-Facing Teams Apps

Yes, a Teams app builder is available in the platform. From the Admin Panel, you have the ability to create a branded Teams experience that you can deploy to your customers. Best of all, you can create multiple different apps with different brandings, if you have customers that prefer their own branding in their Teams app.

For instructions on how to build a custom Teams app, check out the section Messenger Teams App Design in Setting up Messenger.

Customized Customer-Facing Slack Apps

Yes, we can create a customized Slack app with your branding. Please reach out to if you'd like a white labeled slack app that you can deploy to your customers.

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