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End-User How-To Content

When communicating with customers, we find it helps to make your messaging simple and to the point. You can level up its effectiveness by linking to user how-to guides or video tutorials. You can either attach these to your customer communications and/or add these resources to your customer knowledge base.

Here are some resources to get your customers started (feel free to make your own versions of these assets).

User Guide Document

Add screenshots from your own branded app and distribute this document along with an email announcement.

📄 Generic Documentation - Desktop web Support.docx

Email Announcement Template

To: {{Site Contact List}}

Subject: New quick and easy IT support now available!

Hi {{Site Contact}},

At {{MSP}} we always strive to provide great service wherever you are.

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new IT support channel for {{Client Company Name}} available directly from your desktop computer. This a quick and convenient way for you to get all your IT questions answered.

There's no need to install any additional software or hardware -- we've taken care of everything.


Questions? Let us know how we can help.


{{Sender Name}}

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