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Setting Up Thread Inbox Based on Your Service Team Structure

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Follow the links below for detailed guides on configuring Thread Inbox and Channels to match your team's service model.

For additional support, contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to Thread Support

1. Pod Service Model


Organizing your service desk into pods or teams dedicated to specific customer groups allows for specialized and focused support. Each pod operates semi-independently, handling all aspects of customer service for their assigned clients.

  1. Create dedicated channels for each customer group.
  2. Assign team members to specific channels.
  3. Customize notification settings to ensure prompt responses.

2. Tiered Service Model (T1, T2, T3)


A tiered service model divides your service desk into levels of support (T1, T2, T3). Each tier handles increasingly complex issues, with T1 addressing basic support requests and T3 managing the most complex problems.

  1. Set up channels for each support tier.
  2. Establish escalation rules and workflows.
  3. Configure automatic routing of tickets based on issue complexity.

3. Triage Team That Dispatches Incoming Requests


A triage team acts as the first point of contact for all incoming requests, assessing and dispatching them to the appropriate team or tier. This model ensures that requests are routed efficiently and reduces the burden on specialized support teams.

  1. Create a dedicated triage channel.
  2. Define criteria for ticket assessment and dispatch.
  3. Set up automated workflows for routing tickets to the appropriate channels.

4. Other Custom Structures


Every MSP may have unique requirements for their service desk structure. Whether combining elements from different models or implementing a completely custom setup, Thread offers flexibility to accommodate your needs.

  1. Analyze your specific requirements and team structure.
  2. Customize channel setups and workflows to match your operational model.
  3. Use Thread’s advanced features to streamline your unique service desk configuration.
  4. For more detailed instructions, refer to one of the guides above to get an idea of how to customize channels and flows to match your operational model.

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Guide to Setting Up Thread Inbox for the Pod Service Model