Handling live chat tickets in Slack

A Live Chat ticket will render as a Chatgenie Ticket card in your live-chat channel (as pictured below); users will know that there is a new chat request or an update to a chat ticket when the channe…

Kristof Orts
Updated 1 year ago by Kristof Orts

How to test the Customer Slack App in a Sandbox Environment

Introduction. Two different Slack Apps are available with Thread. Internal Slack App - This is the app you deploy into your organization's (MSP) environment if you are using Slack as your internal co…

Stephen Boss
Updated 1 month ago by Stephen Boss

Connecting Thread to your Slack Workspace

Overview. The Thread app for Slack helps connect your service threads to Slack! You can configure custom flows in the Thread Admin Panel to route newly created threads to the desired channels in your…

Kristof Orts
Updated 4 months ago by Kristof Orts

Setting up Service Bot in your client's Slack Workspace

Go to the Chatgenie admin ( ) -> Clients -> search for the customer you want to deploy the app to. When you click into the client detail, there's a tab with Teams/Slack co…

Kristof Orts
Updated 1 month ago by Kristof Orts