Getting Started with Thread

What is Thread? A Beginner's Guide

Welcome to Thread! Thread allows you to offer chat support to your customers while providing a real-time interface on the backend for your service team. Please watch a short video below for an introd…

Kelly Schwarz
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First Time Setup of Thread Workspace

Ready to kick off your team's service collaboration journey? Setting up Thread is simple! Follow this guide to complete the first-time setup process, starting with creating your Thread Workspace. In…

Kelly Schwarz
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Can I Get a Custom Teams or Slack Support App?

Yes, you can get custom Teams and Slack support apps to deploy to your customers. Read on for more details on each platform. Customized Customer-Facing Teams Apps. Yes, a Teams app builder is availab…

Stephen Boss
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How to Submit a Feature Request?

This is our favorite question, and why we keep our service free. Please feel free to ask for features by adding them to We connect this to our developer backlog, and y…

Kristof Orts
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Multi-Language and Internationalization Support

You may have customers that are all over the world and speak different languages, and you may want to support them through Thread. We have levels of support based on the app you are working through.…

Mark Alayev
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Create a Channel for Your Chats!

It's time to set up Inbox! Inbox is where your Service Team works to respond to customers in real-time! It is the app you use, as the service provider, to collaborate with your teammates and customer…

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