Getting Started with Inbox Channels & Flows

Setting Up Inbox

Inbox is where you and your colleagues provide service for your customer. It is the app you use, as the service provider, to collaborate with your teammates and customers. Inbox was designed to give…

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What Are Channels & Flows?

Channels & Flows are essential for creating a powerful and efficient experience on the Thread platform. Please watch the short videos below for an introduction. Setting Up Thread Inbox Based on Your…

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Creating channels & flows in Inbox

With Inbox you can create channels that are linked to flows. You can set up channels that fit your way of working. Flows act as filters in Channels that decide which tickets and messages go where. To…

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What Inbox Channels Should I Create First?

Thread's Inbox Channels & Flows are highly customizable, offering endless possibilities to meet your specific needs. While you have the flexibility to create channels and flows tailored to your requi…

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