December 11-22

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  1. Click here to follow our quick setup and set up your Thread workspace ahead of the first session.
  2. Assemble your Thread implementation team based on the roles listed below.
  3. For each of the sessions listed below, use the add to calendar links to add the webinars to your calendar, then forward invites to your Thread implementation teammates or ask them to register.
  4. If you can't make an event, no worries, you are registered for the cohort so you can check back here for links to session recaps and recordings. You can then catch up with the cohort at a time that works best for you or start early!

Cohort Sessions

To register for this cohort fill out the form on our Let's Get Started Page.

Assemble your Thread Implementation Team!

Avengers assemble! We recommend assembling a team to assist in the roll out of Thread. Just you? That's ok too! Thread is a service collaboration tool, that means it is best deployed as a team!

We recommend assembling a team, you will need people to fill the following roles (it's ok if one person assumes two or more roles).

Champion - Your executive sponsor and champion for Thread.

Service Manager - Your service org leader(s).

Service Tech - Your service team.

Internal Admin - Your Thread, PSA and Teams/Slack admin who will act as platform admin and help set up integrations!

Communications Lead - Your comms lead, who will lead the communication efforts with your customers about Thread.

Deployment Lead - Your deployment lead, who will lead the deployment of Thread to your customers, e.g. Teams, Slack, Desktop, etc.

Week 1

Thread Training 1 - Getting Started with Thread
  • Who? Service Manager*, Champion
  • What? Brand your customer experience and try out your first chat! Learn how to resolve requests lightning fast!
  • Where?
  • When? December 12, 2023, 3 PM - 4 PM EDT
Thread Partner Roundtable + Q&A
Thread Training 2 - AI + Inbox Channels & Flows
  • Who? Service Manager*, Communications Lead*, Champion
  • What? Learn everything you need to know about chat and level up your service game with AI and automation.
  • Where?
  • When? December 14, 2023, 3 PM - 4 PM EDT


Week 2

Thread Training 3 - Customer Rollout
  • Who? Service Manager*, Deployment Lead*, Communications Lead*
  • What? Learn about the different chat options and how to communicate & deploy Thread to your customers.
  • Where?
  • When? December 19, 2023, 3 PM - 4 PM EDT
Thread Partner Roundtable + Q&A

Week 3+

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