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End-User How-To Content

When communicating with customers, we find it helps to make your messaging simple and to the point. You can level up its effectiveness by linking to user how-to guides or video tutorials. You can either attach these to your customer communications and/or add these resources to your customer knowledge base.

Here are some resources to get your customers started (feel free to make your own versions of these assets).

✨Quick Start✨

Download our PDF to send out to your customers with a simple guide on the Benefits of Chat and How to Get Started.

Quick Start Guide for Customers

Communicating with your Customers about Thread Chat

Your customers need to know about your awesome new support channel if you want them to use it! Once you roll out Thread to a customer, we recommend sending them a sequence of emails to let them know about the experience.

Below our Marketing team has crafted an email sequence that will help you inform your customers about the new support channel and encourage them to try it out. Feel free to use these email templates and send them out in a timed sequence to your end customers.

Thread recommends sending each email in your sequence a week apart. That way, if one of your users missed your first email, they're more likely to pick up Thread on the second or third email.

Email 1: Introduction to Easy IT Support with Thread

To: {{User List}}

Subject: Quick and easy IT support now available in our support portal!

Hi [Customer's Name],

Exciting news! We've launched chat support in our portal, making it easier than ever to get your IT questions answered promptly.

  • No additional software needed - we've set it all up for you.
  • Simply navigate to your support portal here [EMBED HYPERLINK TO CLOUDRADIAL PORTAL].
  • Click on the chat icon in the bottom-right.
  • Start a "New Chat" to quickly connect with our support team.

Ready to try it out? Let us know if you have any questions!

[Add screenshot of your cloudradial portal with chat window open]


[Your Company's Name]

Email 2: How to Use Thread's Chat for Efficient Support

To: {{User List}}

Subject: Get the Most Out of Your IT Support in our support portal!

Hi [Customer's Name],

Maximize your IT support experience with Thread in our portal:

  1. Go to [Your Custom App Name] in your support portal[EMBED HYPERLINK TO CLOUDRADIAL PORTAL].
  2. Select 'New Chat' for live chat support.
  3. Describe your issue and get connected to the right expert.
  4. Track updates and responses in real-time, all within our support portal.

Experience the ease of IT support right where you work. Any questions? We're here to help!

[Add screenshot of your cloudradial portal with chat window open]

Warm regards,

[Your Company's Name]

Email 3: Reminder to Use Thread for Quick IT Solutions

To: {{User List}}

Subject: Quick Reminder: Instant IT Support is Just a Chat Away!

Hi [Customer's Name],

Just a quick reminder that instant IT support is available directly within our portal via Thread.

Why wait for email responses when you can:

🚀 Chat in real-time with our IT experts.

👥 Get personalized chat support without leaving the portal.

💡 Resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

Give it a try and feel the difference! Need assistance? We're only a chat away.

[Add screenshot of your cloudradial portal with chat window open]


[Your Company's Name]

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