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How to enable Thread pods in ConnectWise PSA

Thread is introducing a new way to chat with your customers in real-time, through pods in ConnectWise! Now you can bring the power of Thread directly into ConnectWise, experience all the great featur…

Stephen Boss
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How to setup the ConnectWise PSA Ticketing Integration

This guide explains how to set up the ConnectWise Manage Integration in the platform. During the initial setup of your account in the platform, you are prompted to set up your ticketing system. Follo…

Stephen Boss
Updated by Stephen Boss

Adding permissions required to use Agreements/SLAs

Agreements in Inbox. We now support managing the agreements associated with your threads inside Inbox. This allows you to view the agreement associated with a thread as well as change the agreement t…

Luiz Pedone
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Display Name on Email address does not match email address on outgoing emails

When using the Connectwise email connector the display name of the email address comes from the Default "From" Address on Notification Emails* field in System -> My Company -> Default "Fromt Address…

Sam Pierce
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