Getting Started with Messenger

Prepare your customer-facing Messenger experience

Messenger is where your customers chat and create service threads, it is the app they use to collaborate with your team and raise a chat or service request. Messenger was designed to have an experien…

Stephen Boss
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Prepare your customer-facing Teams experience

Prepare your customer-facing Teams experience (don't worry -- your customers won't see this yet).. From the Admin Panel, you have the ability to create a branded Teams experience that you can deploy…

Kelly Schwarz
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Deploying Messenger

Understanding your Deployment Options. To start using Messenger, you'll need to decide where you want your customers to start chatting and create tickets. There are a few options: Slack or Teams. If…

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Recommended plan for rolling-out chat

Recommended Roll-out Plan. Start Small and Scale Up. Thread recommends starting small with your deployment and scaling up. Below is a chat roll-out plan that works for most partners. We recommend you…

Stephen Boss
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