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Everything you need to know about Channels and Flows in Inbox

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All of the AI features of Thread grouped as your favorite service copilot.

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How to track your time in Inbox

When you want to start tracking time in Inbox, you can in the right sidebar click the "play" icon to start or use the shortcut in the reply box /time start timer Once the timer has started, you can a…

Kristof Orts
Updated 8 months ago by Kristof Orts

Sending attachments with Inbox

You can upload and send any file type to your customers. There’s 3 ways to do this: 
By typing /attachment to select a file,. via the attachment icon. or by dragging and dropping a file.

Kristof Orts
Updated 9 months ago by Kristof Orts

Save time answering chats with Snippets

What is a Snippet? Working as an IT engineer, you may have to ask the same questions or frequently re-type the same replies or time entries. Snippets are a great way to save time with standardized re…

Stephen Boss
Updated 8 months ago by Stephen Boss

Accessing & Installing Inbox

You can access Inbox via Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. Accessing via Web. Navigate to Log in using your work email. Confirm the one-time passcode sent to your email…

Stephen Boss
Updated 9 months ago by Stephen Boss

Can I style my messages?

You can either use markdown or our rich text editor. To see text editor options, click on the Aa icon. This provides you with the option to style text as: Bold (⌘ or Ctrl + b). Italic (⌘ or Ctrl + i)…

Kristof Orts
Updated 1 year ago by Kristof Orts

Which shortcuts can I use in Inbox?

Under the name dropdown, click on Beast Mode Shortcuts to see all available shortcuts. For optimal experience and usage, use the shortcuts in the Inbox desktop app.

Kristof Orts
Updated 1 year ago by Kristof Orts

What is Inbox and how do I use it?

Inbox is where you receive live chats and new tickets that are created from Messenger. You can use Inbox together with Slack or Microsoft Teams or as a standalone app. You can access Inbox via https:…

Kristof Orts
Updated 2 years ago by Kristof Orts

Setup an on-call member to be assigned

Set up in ConnectWise. Log in to ConnectWise Manage and go to System -> Setup Tables. Search for Service Board. Select the board you want. Scroll to Ticket Notes and Notification Options. In "Workflo…

Kristof Orts
Updated 1 year ago by Kristof Orts

Setting up Inbox

Inbox is where you and your colleagues provide service for your customer. It is the app you use, as the service provider, to collaborate with your teammates and customers. Inbox was designed to give…

Stephen Boss
Updated 2 months ago by Stephen Boss