Thread Training 3 - Customer Deployments!

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Onboarding Collab 3 - Customer Deployment Training.pdf

🚶What we covered

  1. ✅ Verify that you have completed all the tasks from Thread Training 2 - Let's chat about chat!
  2. ✅ Visit our Deployment Hub and learn about the different deployment options.
  3. ✅ Review Thread's recommended plan for rolling out chat, set dates and build your own deployment plan. Share that plan with your team.
  4. ✅ You are the customer, deploy chat support for your internal team.
    This is one of the best ways for your team to understand Chat and get internal buy-in. If you are looking to send everyone a heads-up before you deploy - check here for an email template.
    1. If you use Microsoft Teams Internally... deploy the customer Teams app that you built on 1. Onboarding Webinar - Getting Started into your Internal Teams environment.
      1. 📖 Instructions: How to install your custom Teams app
    2. If you do not use Microsoft Teams Internally... deploy the desktop app to your internal users.
      1. 📖 Instructions: Deploying Messenger on Windows via Command Line
  5. Invite your Service Delivery team to Inbox
  6. Invite your Service Delivery team to the appropriate Inbox Channels

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