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How to Add Permissions Required to Use Agreements/SLAs

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Agreements in Inbox

We now support managing the agreements associated with your threads inside Inbox. This allows you to view the agreement associated with a thread as well as change the agreement tied to that Thread. Once you change an agreement associated with a thread, it will update that agreement inside your PSA.

Adding Required Permissions

  1. On your ConnectWise instance, go to the "Security Roles" page
  2. Select the role associated with your Thread API user - Under "Finance", find "Agreements" and select "All"
  3. Under "System" , find "Table Setup", click on "Customize" and enable "Agreements / Agreement Type" and "Service / SLA"
  4. Save the role permissions.
  5. Go to the Admin -> Integrations -> PSA
  6. Click on the "Sync Now" button for Agreements to sync your agreements to your threads.

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