If your team works in a POD model

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Inbox allows you to set up channels that reflect your team's pod model. So you can set up a channel per team.

  1. Go to Inbox https://inbox.chatgenie.io/ and log in.
  2. Click the "+" next to channels
  3. Give your channel the name of your pod, for example "Alpha Team"
  4. Invite the agents from the pod. Type their name and select them. By default you are already in the channel. Click confirm when you're done.
  5. Next you need to define what tickets should go into the channel in the Flow.
    1. You can select which board you want to receive tickets from
      To get live chats, set the source to Messenger. This will send all chats created from Teams, Slack, desktop, web, android, ...
    2. When you click rule, you can also select specific companies that your pod may support
    3. There are many more filters, such as Time of Day to set support for specific shifts or Country to set channels per regions.
  6. Next, check Dynamic flows to remove any tickets from this channel that no longer match the flow
  7. You can also choose to route these tickets to Teams or Slack (depending on which you have integrated), by clicking on the "+"
  8. Click Save and you and your team should now see tickets appearing in your channel.

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