ConnectWise Automate

How do I set up the Connectwise Automate Integration?

The chatgenie integration lets you seamlessly push data from ConnectWise Automate as messages to your chat platform. Step 1: Creating the User Class for the API User. This section of the guide requir…

Stephen Boss
Updated 2 months ago by Stephen Boss

Configuring Messenger for Windows Deployment in ConnectWise Automate

Set Thread App ID and Auto-Deployment for All Clients. To set the Thread App ID for all clients (meaning all clients will use the same App ID) follow these instructions: Login to your Automate…

Kristof Orts
Updated 2 months ago by Kristof Orts

Deploy Messenger for Windows through Automate via Script

Download the Automate zip -> Chatgenie Automate Open and expand the ZIP file to a location that you can easily access. Login to your Automate Desktop Control Center using a Super Admin us…

Kristof Orts
Updated 2 months ago by Kristof Orts